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The development of prepaid SIM card Self-Care system of leading telecommunication operator Tele2

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Work implementedUI/UX Design, 24/7 support, web development
Tele2 is a major telecommunications operator in the Nordic and Baltic countries, and an alternative provider in many others. With 4G connection covering 99% of Lithuania's territory (which is also used by Pildyk users), Tele2 is one of the leading prepaid mobile operators in Lithuania. With a rapidly growing user base came the need for new system functionalities, as well as the maintenance and improvement of existing ones.
The biggest challenge for Toughlex to overcome was figuring out how to merge two cumbersome and rather different applications based on different technologies into a single, lightweight, one-page application.

In order to achieve this goal and ensure fast and successful project delivery, we made every effort to take part in the entire project development process, from the planning stage to release.
  • Challenging out-dated code base.
  • Different technologies, development patterns and decisions of corporate and self-care systems.
  • The merge: two old, vanilla JS based projects had to be transformed into a single, light-weight and fast Vue.js single-page application.
Our main goal in this project was to get the Pildyk system in line with modern technological and architectural standards. To achieve this, we set ourselves the following intermediary objectives:
  • Merge two cumbersome systems into a single, light-weight, one-page application.
  • Make a full redesign.
  • Implement 24/7 support.
  • Refactor out-dated code.
  • Support old features.
  • Improve performance.
Created Value
Despite the two applications being developed using a variety of different technologies and incompatible design patterns, our team managed to successfully merge them into a single, light-weight, single-page application.

Finished product - pildyk.lt & mano.pildyk.lt
AgileTo deal with the constantly changing requirements, and a barrage of incoming tasks we relied on agile development principles. More specifically, with the help of the Scrum framework, we were able to stay in close touch with the client throughout the entire process of development.
RedesignToughlex was – and remains – an essential part of the redesign of Pildyk. With the help of skilled web designers, we performed a near-complete overhaul of the system's look, implemented new features, improved performance, and more.
24/7 supportGiven the company's hundreds of thousands of users and steep competition with other providers, Toughlex was hard pressed to maximize the system's uptime during the entire development process. To accomplish this, we assigned a Toughlex representative to react quickly and help solve any and all problems as may arise prior to completion.
Mobile app APIToughlex developed and maintained REST API for both iOS and Android apps.
The project had already been ongoing for several years before we got onboard, meaning the tech stack had already been decided. And as the project was split into separate parts, different technologies were being used for different tasks. The project's frontend was based around vanilla JS – an outdated, convoluted framework – so we eventually decided to rewrite it using the light-weight Vue.js that's been growing in popularity in recent years. The components of Vue.js are all available in Storybook – a tool designed to simplify the UI development process.

Server-side and administrative applications consist of many different development patterns and technologies: ASP.NET Core, PHP, MS SQL, MySQL, AngularJS, and many more. Maintaining all these applications and services, and handling a variety of different technologies requires a team of highly skilled and flexible developers.
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“It’s an absolute pleasure to be working with Toughlex! They are smart, dedicated, involved and motivated to do their best and deliver great end products to our users. I would totally recommend Toughlex to anyone looking for quality and great results!”Agnė SaylikProduct Owner at PildykSOURCE
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