Developing & improving the competency tracking application of Meedooo

IndustryProductivity Tools
Work implementedResponsive Designs, Fast UI, Enhanced Security
Whatif AS and CoverYa AS is a Norway-based software and services company that provides tools for various tasks, such as the risk assessment or GDPR compliance management. In the course of their business, they noticed a pattern in which the same principles could be applied to many field. This gave rise to the idea of developing a competency tracking framework, which came to be known as Meedooo.
Toughlex acquired code where initial functionalities were already being implemented. This meant we faced some uncertainties regarding the project, as the client wanted to reuse a lot of the extant functionalities, as well as build a number of new ones on top. This led to some doubt after the initial overview of the code base.
  • We had to make sure the existing system is fully compliant with GDPR and there are no data leaks behind it.
  • We had to make sure that the existing code base is suitable for the new functionality, rather than rewriting it from scratch
The new application had to be easy to use from the POV of end-users (possibly students), which necessitated the development of a modern look and mobile-friendly design. The application's response speed had to be improved, as this was among the main issues faced by the existing applications that Meedooo was based on. The ability to provide quick modifications was also a prime concern as there were many more fields that could benefit from new functionalities.
  • Introduce a mobile-friendly UI
  • Implement modern design solutions
  • Achieve quick response times in the application
  • Create a code base that is easy to modify
Created Value
Toughlex introduced the idea that mobile users will be engaging with only some of the web application's functionalities, which meant that we could load them selectively whenever a user visited the website from a mobile device.

To this end, we worked with the designer who was in possession of the software's earlier versions. After the design wireframes were provided, all we had to do was bring them to life. Many of the design-related decisions involved interacting with components that made the application feel very modern.
SpeedAfter we found the core problem, the solution came virtually of its own. We managed to eliminate application hangs and reduce the average response time by at least three-fold.
RefactorA lot of the functionality that was originally in the software had gone through multiple changes, and it was high time for another change. Toughlex helped to separate the logic into individual components and make the code base easier to work on which, in turn, increased the new feature delivery speed.
AgileTo make potential customers happy and keep up with demand, we had to apply the agile methodology. Kanban was our agile framework of choice as we found that the team working on the project was too small and not consistent enough to follow the best practices of Scrum.
SecurityOur team noticed a number of security issues that had to be addressed. With the problems solved, the users of Meedooo were again able to safely share pictures and exchange messages without worrying about potential data leaks.
OutcomeThe client was very happy with the progress of the application and the features delivered by Toughlex. This project should bring considerable value to the company and can serve as an excellent guideline for future Whatif products.
As the application was part of an existing web app ecosystem, we inherited an in-use technology stack which consisted of AWS powered Node.js lambdas for backend, Angular.js on the client side, and Mlab Mongodb instances for databases.

Serverless framework was used for easy lambda configuration, and AWS Lambda served as a RESTful API for the website stored in AWS S3 and served through AWS Cloudfront.
Portrait of Testimonial author: Ståle Opdal Olsen
“Thank you Toughlex for your commitment on our web and mobile application Meedooo. You have shown yourselves as skillful, dedicated and reliable team players. I will be recommending you.”Ståle Opdal OlsenProject Manager at WhatifSOURCE
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