Expanding business capabilities with the development of Electronic Medical Records Information System

RegionNorthern Europe
Work implementedWeb Development, Front-end Architectural Solutions, More Maintainable Code Base
Nortal is one of the largest software engineering companies in Northern Europe. It has recently developed a new electronic medical records system for the management and documentation of hospital visits. The developers at Toughlex were engaged to implement the system's user interface according to the designs and business logic they were given.
With a system of this scale, maintaining its ever-expanding code base was a big challenge. Refusing to be intimidated, however, we forged ahead.
  • Large and constantly expanding code base
  • Long-term project that needs to be kept up to date with the latest technologies throughout the entire development process
  • A huge working team that needs to be integrated quickly and without any hitches along the way
In an environment of ever-increasing requirements, we set ourselves the goal to increase the pace of development. For this purpose, we also laid out a few key points that would make development faster and maintenance relatively hassle-free:
  • Reduce complexity of existing library usage solutions
  • Better utilize features of the Angular framework (content projection, dependency injection, Angular modules)
  • Create useful NgRx patterns
  • Assist in maintenance of the component library
Created Value
First, we got in touch with the existing project team to learn about the project's current state: its most valuable aspects, future vision and pain points. This allowed us to prioritize work according to client's values. The agile development environment helped us to stay on the right path throughout the process.
NgRx StoreImproved composition of NgRx redux store modules for easier reusability. Moved more of the application to storage, which helped us to create a more natural data flow in the components used.
Component LibraryProvided assistance with the utilization of library components useful for the development of common user interface solutions. Improved the select, data-table, tree, modal and other components. Used Storybook to display newly developed presentational components.
Custom SolutionsHelped to implement a generic solution for the various classifier types that are common in medical records. Introduced nested forms which helped us to reuse the most common parts of medical forms.
OutcomeToughlex provided vital assistance in the problem solving process and continues to make the best possible technical decisions for the front-end development side of the project. With core development patterns now firmly in place, developers have more time to work on business-value details. In addition, the development process itself became more predictable over time, enabling us to rely on current estimations for future releases. Work on this project slowly transitioned from working on solutions to common problems to dreaming about ideal generalization and worldwide adoption.
Since the project's technology stack was already in place, only a handful of simple modifications were required to get us going. The project was built and hosted using Azure cloud development solutions, while a regularly updated version of Angular helped us not to fall behind. Application state management was implemented using the NgRx store. The design team was able to inspect developed presentational components in a neatly organized Storybook application.
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