Developing a flight compensation portal to assist people in disputing flight claims

Tillforty Flight Compensation Portal on a desktop computer screen
Work implementedUser Interface Upgrade, Introduced new practices
Despite the extreme competitiveness of the flight compensation market, the passenger aviation sector continues to grow globally. However, things don't always go exactly to plan. Even though customers are entitled to flight compensation under certain European regulations, it often takes time. That's how the flight compensation portal was born, with the aim of simplifying the process and making it as smooth as possible.

This was achieved in cooperation with Tillforty, a Lithuania-based software company that provides its customers with Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions.
  • The end result is always going to be judged against the best competitors in the market
  • To attract new customers, a solution has to be the best of its kind, rather than simply among the best
  • Provide a code base that would be easy to use for the development of future solutions that don't yet have any specific requirements
  • Implement the project through the use of best practices
  • Suggest a range of possible solutions to be reused
  • Deliver a great user experience that prioritizes ease of use
  • Ultimate goal: a totally novel and fresh browsing experience for the users of the application
Created Value
The client was satisfied with the good practices and patterns Toughlex implemented when building the strong backbone for the client-side application. This will be more than enough to enable the easy implementation of additional functionality and extensions in the future.
RedesignToughlex brought a front-end solution to life by providing a quick and responsive application experience. In addition to introducing a completely new set of features, the project also required design integration. The design itself was provided by a third party, so the goal was to bring those designs up and manipulate them to achieve a fully responsive feel for the end user.
New FeaturesIn contrast to its older counterpart, the newly built application has a full complement of new features, which include: a referrals program, a membership program, a complete new look, functionalities for the management of already provided flight claim information, a flight path map component, and flight document upload components.
ClaimsThe most important part of the project was the page and form used to create and submit new flight claims. The page proved to be the crucial point for overall client-side implementation. The solution provided turned out to be fast and efficient without any need for optimization
Since the all-too-familiar React framework was already present in the project, we analyzed its key features and decided to reuse it for client-side application building.

Furthermore, a back-end solution which used OroCRM was already in place for the customer management side.
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