Redesign of a questionnaire tool for workforce performance

IndustryProductivity Tools
Work implementedUser Interface Upgrade, WCAG 2.1 standards implemented, Rapid development
The client – a leading employee recruitment company – was looking to improve the user experience of its web-based questionnaire.
Toughlex was introduced to a team whose structure and work style were highly dynamic. However, the requirements and deadlines for the project itself were not so flexible
  • Working with a remote team whose structure was continuously shifting over time led to some challenges regarding clear communication, the assignment of responsibilities, and efficiency
  • Web support for very old devices
The main goal was to quickly deliver a redesigned user-interface MVP solution that's fully compliant with an exceptionally wide set of accessibility and device compatibility requirements. To make it possible, we used a strict code quality ruleset and a high unit test coverage to ensure the easy maintenance and proper documentation of the project.
  • Implemented tool redesign
  • Accessibility in place according to WCAG 2.1 standards
  • >0.2% usage devices must be supported according to data
Created Value
The client assembled a new team for the project, which required Toughlex to adapt and suggest improvements for getting up to speed in team communication and for the separation of responsibilities. Working with a fully remote team, Toughlex had to ensure that communication during the development process and individual meetings was clear and responsive across the whole team.
AgileThe project was implemented through regular communication with the client and frequent demonstration of completed features. This helped us to minimize cases of miscommunication between business and development teams, as well as reach consensus for optimal trade-offs between value and development times.
Rapid DevelopmentFrom the project’s inception, it was planned that a demo version compliant with all the relevant code standards and test coverage was to be developed in just a few sprints. With rapid communication and modular partition of the application into stand-alone components, Toughlex was part of a team whose members worked without blocking each other and ensured an efficient utilization of development hours.
OutcomeToughlex managed to become a valuable part of a dynamic team that delivered a web application that was usable by an almost all types of devices, and different designs that could be used as white label products adapted to a variety of viewing modes designed for people with disabilities. It also seamlessly integrated into an already existing project as a separate component. It was an MVP that satisfied technical requirements and was very positively received by the client.
The Toughlex team became part of the project due to its knowledge of React. For quick prototyping, the project was kick started with the create-react-app tool. Due to the team's preference, TypeScript was chosen as a language of choice, which ensured more readable and maintainable code. Unit testing was carried out with the Jest framework and extended by the react-testing-library toolkit. Communication with the back-end API was done in GraphQL syntax.
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