Technical analysis

Improve customer experience with a free technical audit

We'll use our expertise to review your website or self-care system. You'll get a free report.

Why do an audit?

You want a fresh perspective on your website or self-care system. It is the gateway to your success and needs to perform at its best. Learn what you can do in order to improve acquisition, conversion and retention. Let our team of experts find you the best opportunities to grow your business!

What’s included?

We’ll carefully review your system to identify what’s working and what needs to be refined.
This includes:
Interface design analysisWe’ll thoroughly cross-check with principles of effective UI, mobile and desktop compatibility
Technology stack evaluationWe’ll check for outdated or suboptimal solutions
Security overviewWe’ll hunt for bad practices and vulnerabilities
Actions roadmapWe’ll list the steps needed to address any issues

How much does the audit cost?

Right now, absolutely nothing. We’re providing our assessment service for free. This offer stands only for a limited number of slots, so sign up today!

Get YOUR free analysis in 3 easy steps:

a form
a discovery

Why Toughlex?

We build code behind great user experience. We’re a software development company focused on UI and self-care systems. Toughlex brings a value-based approach that treats you like a partner. We highlight critical areas to drive the best results for clients just like you.When you book your free audit, you’ll also get 15 clever UI/UX tips from the experts in the Toughlex team. Don’t let this opportunity slip by – schedule your audit today!
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“It’s an absolute pleasure to be working with Toughlex! They are smart, dedicated, involved and motivated to do their best and deliver great end products to our users. I would totally recommend Toughlex to anyone looking for quality and great results!”Agnė SaylikProduct Owner at Pildyk