The user interface of web-based applications is easier to customise than is the case with desktop applications. This makes it easier to update the look and feel of the application or to customise the presentation of information to different user groups.

  • Vastly Evolving
  • Real Multi-Platform
  • Most Used Technologies Worldwide


Any web application must be properly displayed on various devices, in different browsers and operating systems. It should be fast-loading, convenient and reliable. It must be provided by the so-called client-side development. JavaScript, HTML and CSS have been considered to be the main tools for efficient custom client-side development for years. That’s definitely the area that our squad of software engineers at Toughlex are expert in.

Every modern website is created using these technologies. HTML gives your page a structure while CSS adds presentation layer to it. In the end, the dynamic comes to site with the help from JavaScript. Expertise in all of these – that’s what you’ll find at Toughlex.

We Can Help You with Everything at Client-side

Our development team keeps an eye on the latest technological updates to understand and implement it to accomplish client projects with excellence. This is what enables us to deliver advanced HTML 5 web apps for clients that not only meet, but also surpass their expectations most of the times.

Our developers rely on extensive JavaScript expertise to develop strongly intuitive user interfaces and fast applications for our clients. Comprehensive libraries let us speed up our development process – and get our client projects up and running in a nick of time. We have written JavaScript code to accomplish everything from simple rollover effects to complex SVG manipulations.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are the backbone of any web design project, and it’s of utmost importance that every site developed be well organized, using the latest CSS standards. The standards we use at Toughlex ensure a good user experience, as well as lay the groundwork for optimal search engine exposure.

The client-side of a website or web application is like the gateway to a user’s experience. It decides how a user is going to happily interact with the interface or how productive the experience will be for the user. A design that is not only beautiful but also productive, high quality and crafted with keeping user experience in mind is what called a better User Interface Design and Client-Side Design.

Technologies We Use in Client-side

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