Flight Compensation Portal

Case study

Toughlex successfully implemented a new portal web site, helping people dispute flight claims, while bringing the newest front-end technologies.

  • Redesign
  • Focus UI/UX
  • Feature Rich
  • Responsiveness


Although competition in the flight compensation market is fierce, there are more and more flights made every year by citizens of the world. Sometimes not everything goes as planned. While you are entitled to a flight compensation under certain European regulations, it takes time to do so. That’s how the flight compensation portal was born, with an idea to simplify the process and make it as smooth as possible.

This was achieved while in cooperation with Tillforty a Lithuanian based software company, established on providing its users with Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions.

Project Goal

The basis of our cooperation was to provide good practices and offer a wide range of solutions while always having good user experience and easy of use in mind. The ultimate goal is a completely new browsing experience for users of the application.



Toughlex brought front-end solution to life, by providing a quick and responsive application experience. While introducing a completely new set of features, along with that also came design integration work. The design itself was provided by a third party person, so the goal was to bring those designs up and manipulate them to achieve a truly responsive application feel for the end user.

New Features

The newly built application in comparison to its older counterpart, has a complete set of new features. That includes: referrals program, membership program, a complete new look and management of already provided flight claim information, a map component to display a route of provided flight and a flight document upload components.


The most important part of the project was a page and a form that goes with it, that is used to create and submit new flight claims. That page proved to be the crucial point for the whole implementation of the client side. However the provided solution proved to be fast and efficient without the need to optimize.

Partner’s Website


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  • Airline



Client is satisfied with good practices and patterns Toughlex brought up in building a strong backbone for client side application. That will be more than sufficient when easily adding additional functionality and extensions in the future.


Since the all too familiar technology React was already present in the project, we analyzed its key features and decided to reuse it for client side application building.

For back-end, solution was already present which used OroCRM for customer management side.


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