Meedooo Competence Tracking

Case study

An app that helps to visualize competence and track progress of employees, students or apprentices.

  • Modern Design
  • Secure
  • Fast
  • Serverless


Whatif AS and CoverYa AS is Norway based software and services company that provides tools for various tasks such as risk assessment or GDPR compliance management. They noticed a pattern that the same principles can be applied in many fields. This is how an idea to create a competence tracking software – Meedooo – was born.

Project Goals

The client wanted to reuse a lot of functionality that they already had and then add some more. The new application should be easy to use from end-user’s perspective (possibly students) so it should be mobile friendly and look modern. The application response speed had to be improved as it was one of the main issues with existing applications that Meedooo is based on. The ability to quickly modify had to be also considered as there are way more fields that would benefit from such functionality.

  • Mobile friendly
  • Modern design
  • Fast response
  • Easy to modify


Toughlex introduced the idea that mobile users will only be using a part of the web application so we can selectively load only a part of it when user visits the website from a mobile device. This was not an issue to implement on the AWS hosted solution.

We cooperated with the designer that had the context of previous versions of this software. The design wireframes were provided, and we just had to bring them to life. A lot of the design decisions involved interacting with the components which made the application feel very modern.


For response speed, Toughlex had to find the core problem and the solution found itself. We managed to eliminate application hangs and reduce the average response time at least three times.


A lot of functionality that were originally in the software went through multiple changes and it was a good time for a change. Toughlex helped to separate the logic into components and make the code base easier to work with which in turn, increased new feature delivery speed.


To make the possible customers happy and keep up with the demand we had to apply agile methodology. Kanban was the agile framework of choice as we found that the team working on this project is too small and not consistent enough to follow scrum best practices.


Our team noticed that there were a few security issues that had to be addressed. The problems were solved and now Meedooo users can safely share pictures and exchange messages without worrying for a data leak.


  • E-learning
  • Productivity Tools



The client values the progress of the application very highly and is satisfied with the features that Toughlex delivered. This project should bring a lot of value to the company and will be a good guideline for future Whatif products.


As the application is a part of existing web app eco system – we inherited existing technology stack which consists of: AWS powered Node.js lambdas for backend, Angular.js on the client side and Mlab Mongodb instances for database.

Serverless framework is used for easy lambda configuration. AWS Lambda service serves as a RESTful API for the website which is stored in AWS S3 and served through AWS Cloudfront.


  • MongoDB
  • Serverless

Thank you Toughlex for your commitment on our web and mobile application Meedooo.
You have shown yourselves as skillful, dedicated and reliable team players.
I will be recommending you.

Ståle Opdal Olsen
Project Manager @ Whatif
via Facebook

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