Case Study

This small website is dedicated to representing fuel company Stateta. It allows customers to access their control panel, quickly find petrol stations nearby, get news and updates, submit inquiries, etc. toughlex analyzed client needs, provided custom design and functionality based on WordPress CMS. Result – successful project & happy client!

  • Mobile friendly
  • Modern design
  • CMS features


UAB Stateta is engaged in the wholesale and retail trade of fuels. The company was founded in 1999. Stateta constantly improving their service offerings as well as their stations network, creating value for its customers and partners. Their focus – analyze clients’ needs and find the optimal solution for each of them. That being said, Stateta saw a need for their website redesign and improvement.

Project goal

Stateta wanted to redesign company’s website with the addition of some dynamic functionality. They didn’t have a clear vision how it should look at the end. In that case, toughlex had to provide new design possibilities and adjust them depending on client feedback. The redesign should affect only Stateta’s informative website excluding their internal systems.


toughlex have provided a couple of possible design versions for the client. When the most suitable design had been selected it was improved to fully suit Stateta’s requirements and expectations. Worth to mention that project requirements were changing in implementation state but politics of close cooperation with a client let us change project direction at low expenditure.

Responsive Design

The new website has a fully responsive design. This lets to browse through Stateta’s content at ease on any device. The website contains some nice animations which make browsing more eye-catching and interactive.

Interactive Map

Interactive map section contains a Google’s map with Stateta’s stations network. It was imported from the old website as a requirement. However, it was updated with extra functionality such as full-screen mode.

News Section

New Stateta’s website has a news section. News can be added or edited through administrative panel. News section show 4 or 6 snippets from most recent news depending on screen size user is browsing. News can be expanded on small screen devices or be shown in modal on large screens. This was the only section which client required to be moderated through administrative panel.

Request Form

The website also contains a custom design request form. Using this form business and private clients can easily reach out to Stateta’s representatives with their question or offer. Mails from this form are sent directly to Stateta’s mail servers so they do not require any additional supervision.


For this particular project, toughlex decided to use WordPress – the most popular content management system. The custom design was built on top of one of the most customizable themes around – oneengine. toughlex team optimized the theme as much as possible and applied custom designed modules for each of the sections of the website. Plain CSS for custom modules design was used to gain page loading performance. Custom media queries were written in order to not load huge styling libraries. Pitching old map functionality required jQuery knowledge as the map’s logic contained inaccuracies.


  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Mobile Web Design
  • Responsive Design
  • CSS
  • jQuery


Stateta is genuinely satisfied with the end result as they now have a brand new and up-to-date-with-current-trends website. Keeping that in mind, it is yet another proof that they just keep trying to get better every day in every aspect!

Throughout the whole project we felt that we had a complete understanding from the guys @toughlex. We had changed some of our requirements on the way and their reaction time was amazing. We are very happy with our new website! Glad to be working with you!

Vykintas Lučiūnas
Sales Executive @ Stateta

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