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At Toughlex, we are building talented, self-motivated, result seeking team with a healthy competitiveness floating around in the air. We strongly believe that every person can grow faster as a specialist as well as a personality in this kind of environment.

  • Make great things
  • Have ownership
  • Make an impact
  • Love what you do

About Toughlex

Toughlex is a Lithuania-based IT company founded in 2015, that partners with companies in need of software development services. We believe that only working together with our clients can ensure the most efficient route to creating software that satisfyingly fulfills all the expectations. This kind of software delivers magnificent customer experiences, drives revenue growth and help clients quickly achieve their business goals. Software with impact – that’s how we call digital products created at Toughlex. To achieve such impacts, we use agile methodology and full transparency to speed up products to market.

Why Toughlex?

We’re not your typical tech company. We weren’t built by managers. We’re a developer built, team chemistry focused, newest tech stack obsessed team of developers who just love their work. And we are on our exciting journey to become big (recognized as a TOP company in Lithuania 3 years in a row).

All the perks are also here:

  • Top-notch tech stack
  • Opportunities to grow as a person as well as a developer and team lead
  • Fantastic office culture
  • Talented colleagues
  • Teambuildings, foosball and more

As well as some highlighted ones:

A welcoming environment

Toughlex is a welcoming place for everyone, and we do our best to make sure our teammates feel supported and connected here at all times.

Make an impact

Work on open high-scale projects and products that are used by tons of people all over the world. Help change the way the world lives and works everyday.

Love what you do

More than anything else, Toughlex is a company that wants you to love what you do. We take pride in creating a place where people love to work.

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