Our Node.js developers with their expertise in Javascript and Javascript Libraries have been utilizing agile-based methodology in developing both client- and server-side web applications that are perfectly aligned to meet your business objectives.

  • Speed and scalability
  • Simple data manipulations
  • High loads are not a problem


Node.js is a highly scalable platform that is built on JS runtime of Chrome. This allows fast Node.js development of astonishing net applications. In fact, Node.js is the technology top players such as Twitter, LinkedIn, eBay and others prefer due to its I/O model. This model is event-driven and uses non-blocking, thus apps developed with Node.js end up quite lightweight and extremely efficient nonetheless, making this technology a perfect solution if you are looking for data-intensive real-time applications.

Node.js application development allows creation of solutions that are fully capable of handling multiple client apps and allow forgetting about RAM boundaries. Our skilled Node.js developers offer rapid, cost-effective solutions of jaw-dropping quality and the technology allows us to deliver even more. As an addition your business will not be forced to deal with influx of users after experiencing growth of any particular Node.js solution we have developed for you.

Toughlex Recommends Node.js For

One Page Apps

Node.js is preferred for single page apps because of its asynchronous event loop and non-blocking I/O, which is well suited for I/O intensive applications.

Data Streams

Traditional stacks of web applications typically treat the HTTP requests and responses as atomic events. But in fact they are data streams, and Node.js can take advantage of this fact. Excellent examples – parsing files uploaded in real time or data transfer between the different layers.


Node.js is perfect for the development of lightweight REST / JSON interface and is an excellent option for writing a wrapper around a database or web service that communicates with the client in JSON format.

Chat Applications

Real-time chat applications including chat-bots, real-time analytics dashboards and charts, real-time multiplayer games with WebSockets.

Apps For Limited Environment

Apps designed for limited resources environment such as single board computers running on ARM architecture.

App Prototypes

Node.js allows quick and easy development of business MVPs. It saves our customers’ time and resources.

The main idea of Node.js: use non-blocking, event-driven I/O to remain lightweight and efficient in the face of data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices.

Other Technologies We Use Along With Node.js

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